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Do you run or want to create a shop and need the support of Prestashop specialists? We have programmers with over 7 years of experience in this area. We will provide you with comprehensive service, including the implementation of: new online shops, changes to existing shops, dedicated modules for Prestashop systems, API-based connections / integrations with other systems and much more. We invite you to the Prestashop Heron Art Network agency – trust experienced programmers.

High quality arrangement with the help of Prestashop programmers

Working with many companies, we had to ensure the highest quality of work arrangement. Every customer of our Prestashop agency gets access to the project management panel (shown in the picture). Therefore, both the partner and Prestashop programmers from our company have constant access to current tasks and an archive of already implemented tasks. We can communicate and develop your shop on an ongoing basis. The assigned Project Manager is responsible for the contact, coordination of the work and meeting agreed deadlines as well as a quick flow of information between Prestashop specialists and the company using our services.









Hourly price list
of a Prestashop specialist


45 euro

Purchase of a single programming hour

210 euro

5 hours package

42 euro / h
400 euro

10 hours package

40 euro / h
1140 euro

30 hours package

38 euro / h
1750 euro

50 hours package

35 euro / h
3350 euro

100 hours package

33,50 zł euro / h
5120 euro

160 hours package

32 euro / h

Free valuation.
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