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Creation of websites

Are you looking for an interactive agency that will create a new website for your company? Choose a company that will provide you with the highest quality of service, comprehensive support and consulting at the implementation stage. We have completed over 200 projects for our clients, thanks to which we have gained wide experience, which we use in next projects. We will build a company website for you that will present: the highest level of visual quality, error-free code, architecture compatible with SEO and UX, and we will provide you further support in the development of the project. A 2-year warranty, the possibility of further cooperation in marketing activities, additional protection against the integration of third parties – these are just a few of the important advantages that you will receive during cooperation with Heron Art Network.

CMS WordPress system.

Why is WordPress the best choice for you? WordPress a free and open-source content management system. This means that any programmer with the appropriate skills can work with it (the system does not impose any limits). By choosing a dedicated CMS, you become dependent on an external company and expose yourself to many errors / lack of engine development. WordPress is a global system supported by thousands of programmers, who issue new updates and add modules to the library that allow you to quickly implement the necessary functionalities.

Advantages of the WordPress system: You pay for the website itself, not for the CMS system, intuitive customer panel, system which can be supported by any programmer , free to use, cost-effective website development (competitive prices on the market), a huge library of modules, unlimited possibilities.


Individual pricing


Brief + Website design


Coding and connection to the CMS system


Implementation of the website on the server and into domain

Creation of websites based on the Wordpres template .

The model is based on the use of a professional WordPress template to implement the website. How is it work? We send you a few or a dozen templates to choose. We will implement your website on the selected one, comprehensively modifying the template taking into account your industry, services, company information and visual identification.


1) Attractive price for a high quality website – from 1000 euro

2) Quick implementation – up to 15 days

3) Before implementation an opportunity to see how your website may look and behave

4) You do not close yourself to anything, in future you can replace the old template with a dedicated solution


1) No uniqueness – another company can buy the same template and create a similar website

2) Slower website speed – up to 3 s

3) If you select a template, you decide about solutions and visual sections included in it. You do not have the option of any modification, as in the case of dedicated implementation at the design stage.

4) Lower quality of the source code


Creation of dedicated websites connected to the WordPress system.

A website implemented in the model is characterized by a very high level of visual and technical quality. The entire project is built from scratch by our graphic department, and thus nothing limits us. During coding process we care about the clearness and correctness of the code, and thus the page speed is faster and better perceived by Google robots (SEO). This type of website will certainly allow your company to stand out in the market.


1) High visual and technical quality

2) Unique design that stands out in the market

3) No restrictions during the graphic design

4) A more intuitive panel due to its own solutions concerning its operation

5) better page speed – about 1 – 1.5 seconds

6) Clear code and architecture written for SEO allows you to position your website better

7) The website is more resistant to the integration of third parties


1) Higher implementation cost due to a much greater workload – from 2200 euro

2) Longer implementation time – 1.5 – 2 months


See the cost of creation of a professional website for you.

Website based on a professional WordPress template.

from 1000 euro
Implementation time: 15 days

Dedicated website connected to the WordPress system.

from 2200 euro
Implementation time: 45 - 60 days

2 years warranty


We provide a 2-year warranty for each implementation of the website – one of the longest on the market .

SEO optimization


At the stage of creating the website, we will ensure that your website is ready for positioning in the Google search engine.

Extra security


We will implement additional safeguards to the website that will protect you against the integration of third parties.

Panel instruction manual


After completion of creation of the website , we will transfer it to the server and domain and provide you with the panel manual in PDF format.

Constant support


Do you have any problem with something? You don’t know how to make changes to the website? We are at your disposal by phone and e-mail.

Possibility of further cooperation


After creation of the website, the client may continue to cooperate with us in the field of its development, designing corporate and advertising materials or e-marketing activities (SEO / SEM / Social etc.).

Free valuation.
Contact us to develop a project.


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